Flexibility is our business!

 Looking for a knock-it-out-gang, Undo-those-ties-and-take-off-those-heels, “Oh Man”, “I Love this Song”, tunes that are storied and tunes that are brand new hits, One Nite Band has those too. With a 3 piece horn section, or more stream lined, One Nite Band will get the party started from the first note and keep it going all night long!

That’s One Nite Band!


Pre-dinner cocktails where your guests talk and long-lost friends reminisce while sipping fancy drinks and tapping their toes?

That’s One Nite Band – The Lounge Trio


Are you looking for that indie/coffee shop/ house concert vibe to provide a more intimate setting?

That’s One Nite Band – The Acoustic Duo.


Even more intimate? Classic lounge, solo jazz and current pop music?

That’s One Nite Band – The Solo Piano/Vocalist.

The whole package!

Our “they-won’t-know-what-hit-’em” set lists have received numerous accolades from spice-of-life enthusiasts, both on and off the dance floor (mostly on). Take a sneak peek:

Download a sample set list.